Bodmin Keep Launches Podcast Series!

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Bodmin Keep War Stories is the name of our NEW podcast series!

Launched this year it covers a series of fascinating topics and lifts the lid on some intriguing stories about Bodmin Keep and its place in our national heritage. 

There will be four episodes initially covering the following topics:
  • Music Military & Morale: To coincide with the launch of our NEW Exhibition of the same name, the first in the series of podcasts looks at how music has been used for propaganda, recruitment and keeping up morale. We’ll discover how civilian songs were adapted for military use, and we’ll hear, for the first time in years,  the rousing “DCLI Boys”, a recently rediscovered song written for the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry, during the First World War.

First Episode: ‘Music, Military & Morale’  Listen Now!

  • The Berlin Wall, Division, Graffiti & Political Protest: Did you know that the museum houses a massive chunk of the Berlin Wall? In fact, it’s one of the biggest pieces in this country. We talk to the Light Infantry men who were there in Berlin stationed at ‘The wall’, and find out the logistics of how they managed to get such a large piece back to Cornwall, and we also explore graffiti as a form of political protest. 

Second Episode ‘The Berlin Wall’ : Division and Political Protest. Listen Now

  • Training GI’s and the D-Day Landings: In the run up to the 75th anniversary of D Day, we hear memories from World War II and find out how Bodmin was home to a training camp for American GI’s getting ready for the Normandy Landings in June 1944. We uncover the stories behind the collection and find out the part Cornwall played in D Day, hearing local memories from that momentous time in our history.

Third Episode Cornwall’s D Day Listen Now! 

  •  School for Spies: In another episode we find out how Bodmin’s Walker Lines military camp was home to the Joint Services School for Linguists (JSSL), dubbed the ‘School for Spies during the Cold War. Among those who passed through during their National Service were the playwrights Alan Bennett, Michael Frayn and Dennis Potter. The school JSSL  were formed because greater numbers of interpreters, intelligence and signals intelligence officers were needed because of the Soviet threat.

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‘Bodmin Keep War Stories’ is NOW LIVE

Bodmin Keep War Stories, Bodmin Keep Podcast, Bodmin Keep, Podcast, War Stories, Cornwall, Cornwall at War,

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