Citizen Curators – Curating a NEW Exhibition

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Music, Military & Morale Exhibition

The Citizen Curators have been busy at the museum planning the culmination of all their learning, an exhibition about the use of music in the military. Titled ‘Music, Military and Morale’, it aims to look at the changing role of music in the military, from bugle calls for signalling, to the use of military bands to boost morale in troops. It also looks at the use of music to recruit soldiers and as propaganda for the military.

The exhibition opens on the 13th April, and will feature objects from the collection, including a song written about the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry during WWI. The ‘DCLI Boys’ is also being recorded by a group of singers to be included in the exhibition. Look out for links to the recording in the run up to the exhibition, the first time it will have been performed (we think) since the 1920s.

Music Military and Morale Exhibition, poster, Bodmin Keep
NEW EXHIBITION By the Citizen Curators, Opens April 13th 2019