Could You Be A Citizen Curator?

At Cornwall’s Regimental Museum, we are about to undertaken our second year of the Citizen Curators programme, and have one space left for someone to join the cohort. Intrigued? Read on….

The Citizen Curators programme is a curatorial skills and museum awareness course aimed at giving volunteers, both existing and new a range of new skills. You will learn core museum skills, as well as developing your knowledge of the issues around museums, and learning to look at and interpret collections in different ways.

The programme is funded by the Esmee Fairburn Collections Trust, and overseen by Dr Tehmina Goskar of the Curatorial Research Centre. Commitment to the course, includes monthly sessions at number of museums in Cornwall, where you will learn your core skills, and increase your museum awareness. There is a further time commitment of an anticipated biweekly session at Cornwall’s Regimental Museum (CRM), working with the rest of the cohort CRM’s Citizen Curators on a project.

The project to be undertaken by this years cohort of Citizen Curators is the research in to and reinterpretation of the museum’s displays of material relating to India, during the conflict of 1857. The group will also be contributing to the wider Cornish National Collection, identifying objects in CRM’s collections that might be included.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be involved in, email our Collections Manager, Verity Anthony, on, and she can provide you with more detail.

More information about the programme and the Cornish National Collection can be found here:

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