The Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry – 30th Battalion

The 30th Battalion remains a rather unknown detachment of the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry. From guarding significant locations at home in Cornwall, to dealing with prisoner’s of war overseas, read on to learn more about the 30th Battalion of the DCLI during the Second World War.

30th Embarking at Suez for Eritrea


The 30th Battalion had an undoubtedly long development. Originally formed in October 1940 as the 7th Battalion DCLI from the 10th Battalion of The Devonshire Regiment; the 30th Battalion was officially named in August 1941. During this time, as seems to be the case for most  home-based battalions, the roles and personnel of the 30th were constantly evolving. At home, the 30th was largely responsible for guarding important locations in Cornwall, as well as undertaking training.

However, on August 13th 1943, the 30th departed for Glasgow, setting sail by convoy on August 16th and arriving in Algiers on August 24th. From this point on, the 30th carried out its duties overseas;  guarding installations, affording labour and dealing with prisoners until the end of the war. Ultimately, providing vital support to the fighting battalions.