Notes From the Archive – Military Music in The Light Infantry

Light Infantry Buglers 1979, Bodmin Keep, Cornwall's Regimental Museum

In April the museum will unveil a new exhibition celebrating the role of music in the military in particular the DCLI .  This often-neglected aspect of military life will be celebrated using archive photographs and newly discovered music.  This months’ ‘notes from the archive’ will be a little teaser for what proves to be a fascinating project.

Our first image is one that many will be familiar with, buglers on parade in full number 1 dress uniform.  This photo dates from the late 1970s and was  found with a series of similar photos which were dated 1979 (this one was undated).

Light Infantry Buglers 1979, Bodmin Keep, Cornwall's Regimental Museum

Buglers 1970s

If our first photo is the more traditional image of buglers at work the next photo is its opposite.  It shows a group at the Light Infantry School of Music; I really do not know much about either the school or indeed what is going on in this photo.  But it comes from a series that appear to have been taken in Shrewsbury in the 1970s, I’m really keen to find out more so I have a better understanding of our collection.

LI School of Music, 1970's, Light Infantry, Music in the Military, Bodmin Keep, Cornwall's Regimental Museum

Light Infantry School of Music 1970s

The final photo this month is testament to the work that army musicians do when not engaged on musical duties.  Bandsmen from the Light Infantry took part in the first Gulf War.  Members of the band were recognised with awards at Winchester; this photo shows three bandsmen being honoured for their efforts during the war.  The third person, wearing Number 2 dress uniform, is Cpl Neil Hartshorne, from the bugle platoon, being awarded a MID following the second battalion’s tour of South Armagh in 1992.

Band of Bugle Awards, Gulf War, Light Infantry, Bodmin Keep, Cornwall's Regimental Museum

Band and Bugles awards Winchester

As always, we love to hear from anyone who can add anything that enhances our understanding of the archive photos.  I recognise some faces, but it would be helpful if someone out there could help us put more names to faces.

Written By, Martyn Horton. Citizen Curator (2018-19) at Bodmin Keep

Look out for the Exhibition; Music, Military & Morale