March 8, 2020 Adult Boer War Siege of Lucknow

Emily Hobhouse talk

Learn about Victorian welfare campaigner, feminist and pacifist Emily Hobhouse with our Curatorial Intern Katie Sawyer.  This event celebrates International... Read More

April 1, 2020 art Crafternoon Family Friendly

Banyan tree crafternoon

1, 2, 3, 4 April  Join us to make your own Banyan tree picture. Banyans are the national trees of... Read More

April 1, 2020 Family Friendly Multi generational

Games on gallery

1 – 19 April  Try some traditional Indian games including Pachisi and Mancala on gallery. Use strategy and tactics to... Read More

April 2, 2020 Family Friendly storytelling

Indian folktales

2, 6, 15 April  Join us to listen to some well known Indian folktales. This event celebrates the redisplay of... Read More

April 6, 2020 art Crafternoon Family Friendly

Henna hand crafternoon

6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 April  Create your own henna hand patterns on card to take home.  This event... Read More

April 9, 2020 art Events

History of quilting talk

  Join quilt maker Sue Maddox for a fascinating talk about the history of quilting.  The talk is part of... Read More