The Young Curators & Citizen Curators

Citizen Curators, Bodmin Keep, Cornwall's - Regimental museum 2018 - 2019

Young Curators Programme

The Young Curators programme 2018/19 funded by Arts Council England has now drawn to an end and it has been a great success! Since the last update, they have recorded audio segments about objects in the collection they consider to be ‘spoils of war’, which were then used as part of an hour-long live broadcast that three of the Young Curators, alongside our Collections Intern, took part in on Tiffany Truscott’s show on BBC Radio Cornwall, on the 2nd April.

Young Curators, Bodmin Keep, Cornwall's - Regimental museum 2018 - 2019
Cornwall’s  Regimental museum Young Curators 2018 /2019

The culmination of their work saw them developing and delivering a museum visit for a group from a local youth club. They devised sessions on how to build a trench using lego, a strategy game, and a rather lively periscope activity involving the use of balls being launched by enemy snipers as each team crossed no man’s land! 

As this all happened on the last night of the programme when the Young Curators were treated to a party and were presented with their certificates of completion. To have started with 10 young people and ended the programme with the same amount is a great achievement for the museum and for the young people themselves who continued to engage in the programme despite revising for their A-Levels. We wish them all success in the future.  We’;ve also said bon voyage to our Engagement Lead, Chloe Hughes, who ran the programme and who has also moved on to pastures new, taking up a position at The Box in Plymouth. 

Citizen Curators Programme

Our Citizen Curators programme has been completed, culminating in the production of a fantastic exhibition; Music, Military and Morale, which is on display in the museum until the autumn. The group worked hard to research the use of music in military recruitment and incorporated objects and images from the museum collection to tell the stories. They also worked with Kingfisher Media to produce an interactive touchscreen which features the bugle calls which would have been a feature of every soldier’s day, as well as the recording of an old WW1 song “The DCLI Boys” for which the sheet music, forgotten for decades, was re-discovered in the museum archives and is now on display in the exhibition.

Citizen Curators, Bodmin Keep, Cornwall's - Regimental museum 2018 - 2019
Martyn, Chris, Andrew & Sandra our Citizen Curators of 2018 / 2019

Want to become a ‘Citizen Curator’..? 

We’re now recruiting for next year’s Citizen Curators programme which will begin this September and run until April 2020, and promises to be just as fascinating! It will focus on the connections between our regiment and India and on researching objects from our collections who will become part of a wider Cornish National Collection.

Citizen Curators will also take part in a range of core workshops, alongside Citizen Curators from other museums in Cornwall, to develop their knowledge of museums and to challenge their thinking.


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