A Year at Cornwall’s Regimental Museum

Celebrate Bodmin Routemaster bus 2017

By Sophie Hodge, Project Manager: Marketing, Friends and Legacies

The end of October marks the end of my first year here at the museum. What a year it has been! I’ve been amazed at the variety of this job – from researching the proud heritage of the Regiments, to photographing creepy mannequins for social media, and even learning to start a fire with my mobile phone (many thanks to former Light Infantryman Spanner Manley for that valuable lesson!). It has been a wonderful learning curve, a fascinating insight into a world that I would never otherwise have been able to explore. I have met some incredible people through their links to the regiments, and some wonderful colleagues who are now my friends. It has been serious at times, too. The museum is heading towards uncertain times, and it’s been a lot of hard work to get our message out: that we’re doing great things and that we need support.

I have been very lucky this year to find such a passion in the work I’ve been doing. I share this passion with everyone at Bodmin Keep – from the tiny team of paid staff, to the volunteers who the museum just couldn’t function without, each person is absolutely certain of one thing: that this great organisation must not stop doing the important work that that it does.

Personally, I want to help to support the museum and protect the heritage of the DCLI and Light Infantry for future generations. This is why I have decided to leave a gift in my Will to the museum.  My gift is not a large amount (and hopefully the museum won’t be receiving it for quite some time!) but I’ve seen the fantastic things we can achieve on a very limited budget, and I know that no matter how modest my gift may be, it will enable the museum to do something very real and very important.  It will help to keep the memory of our regiments alive, and continue telling our soldiers’ stories for generations to come. And what better legacy is it possible to leave?


Some personal highlights from my first year at Bodmin Keep:

Halloween-esque mannequin from the Light Infantry Collection!
My favourite Halloween-esque mannequin from the Light Infantry Collection!


The day The 32nd Cornwall Regiment of Foot Living History Group let me loose with their kit!


Celebrate Bodmin Routemaster bus 2017
During my recent jaunt as a tour guide on the Celebrate Bodmin Routemaster bus.  Image by Bodmin Town Museum



If, like me, you’d like to support the museum in the fantastic work we do, please visit the ‘How to Support Us’ page or click the button below to make a donation.

Make a donation to Cornwall's Regimental Museum via Virgin Money Giving
Make a donation to Cornwall’s Regimental Museum via Virgin Money Giving


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