FREE Talk: Concrete Castles: Britain’s War Defences of 1940 by Tim Craven

Date: November 12, 2021

Time: 7pm

Location: Serjeant's Mess, Bodmin Keep

Adult | art | Art Exhibition | Pre-Booked Only

This illustrated FREE  talk by Concrete Castles curator Tim Craven will examine the origins of this unique exhibition project, survey the war artists who recorded British coastal defences such as pillboxes during the Second World War, and consider just why these ugly and sinister structures hold such a fascination for contemporary artists. Tim will also give a brief history of Britain in Summer 1940 to enrich understanding and give context to the subject. 



Tickets are limited and must be pre booked here: 


Tim Craven worked at Southampton City Art Gallery for 37 years in conservation, collection management and as Curator. He left in 2017 to pursue his own art practice, freelance curation and lecturing. He founded The Arborealists in 2013 and joined The London Group in 2015. He was elected Chair of Southampton’s Museums, Archives and Galleries in 2019.’


WW2 Pillbox by Wellington Tower, Swanage by Dick Hewitson