New BBC Upload Series

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For a new BBC Upload series, our Digital Intern Charlotte Marchant, and the Museum of Cornish Life’s Digital Intern, Joseph Quinn, are working together to explore the diverse aspects of life in Cornwall during the Second World War and to connect these stories to what’s happening in people’s lives today.

Both ‘Digital Intern’ posts form part of a much broader national project coordinated by the Imperial War Museum as part of their new Second World War and Holocaust Partnership Programme initiative.

Our shared aim is to engage with people that may never have been involved in such a project before, to share hidden or lesser-known local stories of life in wartime Cornwall. As part of this, over the coming months, the Cornish wartime stories uncovered by Charlotte and Joseph will be aired on BBC Radio Cornwall.


The first two uploads have been recorded and you can listen to them here...or tune in to BBC Radio Cornwall this evening and hear the first episode there too!

Promo: This short Promo outlines the Digital Interns forthcoming upload series ‘WW2 – A Cornish Story’ featured on Evenings on BBC Radio Cornwall presented by Tiffany Truscott, first aired on Wednesday 3rd February 2021.

Episode one: The Digital Interns at Bodmin Keep and the Museum of Cornish Life share their recent findings of Bodmin Nurse Olive Barnicoat and the story of an Italian child evacuee.